Webinar: How to quantify the value of #sustainability – Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum hosted a webinar on ‘how big business measures and values sustainability.’

The discussion focuses on how businesses from different sectors are prioritising their CSR valuation.

The panel includes:

Joanna Gluzman, director of analyst relations & SRI, BT Group
Mat Roberts, director of sustainability strategy, Interserve
Sandy Stash, VP – safety, sustainability & external affairs, Tullow Oil
Cindy Rose, head of research – responsible investing, Aberdeen Asset Management

The webinar previews some of the discussions that will take place in London on 29-30 June 2015 at The Measurement and Valuation of Corporate Sustainability – does it all add up?

You can see more information here: http://innovation-forum.co.uk/sustain…




Digital Volunteering

Volunteers can count on a rapidly growing range of technology to help them tackle many global challenges today. Online volunteering trends are quickly growing every day, particularly suiting young people, as we embrace and employ technology as a part of our everyday life.

#RSERegional: proyectos de Iberoamérica para seguir avanzando en Responsabilidad Social

El pasado mes participe de una novedosa encuesta regional sobre temas de RSE a través de Facebook convocada por los amigos de CAPACITARSE. Acá les dejo el ebook que con las conclusiones de todos los que participamos de la misma.


Para mas información de CAPACITARSE pueden visitar su sitio http://www.cursosderse.com/